Wholesale Information


Please contact Kelly by phone to discuss
wholesale pricing on our Squeaker Sneakers™ squeaky shoes for an infant, baby or toddler.

Kelly Daniel (337) 207-0201

fax: (800) 520-2402

Benefits of purchasing Squeaker Sneakers™ squeaky shoes wholesale for your business:


              1. Low minimum orders with mix and match styles/sizes.


              2. Flexible re-ordering.


              3. We LIMIT the number of stores/ boutiques in any one

                  area who are allowed  to sell our squeaky shoes.


                   Our vendor policy is a follows:

                   *  ONLY one store per 25,000 population.

                   *  No brick and mortar stores within 5 miles of each other!


                  As a result, once you become a Squeaker Sneakers™

                  vendor, you secure your ability to be only one of a few stores in 

                  your city to carry our shoes.


                  If your store is in a rather small town (i.e. less than 25,000)

                  you will be guaranteed to be the only store in your city who is

                  allowed to sell our squeaky shoes.


               4. We are constantly designing more styles of shoes to keep

                   up-to-date on current fashion trends.  


               5. We have the most styles of ANY squeaky shoe company.  We also

                   have the most boy styles!!


               6. We do our best to ALWAYS have ALL styles of squeaky shoes in 

                   stock (our distribution facility currently has 70,000+ shoes). 





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